Sosua, located on the north coast between the city of Puerto Plata and the town of Cabarete, was founded by order of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in 1938 to house 500 Jewish refugees from World War II. The Jewish community has made an important contribution to the economic growth of Sosua, they introduced the dairy and meat industry, which is still an important economic engine of the area.

It is one of the most emblematic beaches in the region. It is a true gift of nature, because it is conducive to enjoy a pleasant environment but also a true paradise for lovers of marine sports. It has a large extension of golden area that invites you to walk around the area and let your eyes enjoy this natural spectacle.

This beach abounds with coconut trees and tropical trees. It offers soft golden sand, crystal clear waters, palm trees and umbrellas and the warmth of people whose expressions show that they are truly enjoying a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Sosua has become or has become one of the major tourist references of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Sosua is a dream municipality that showed its natural affection and its incomparable hospitality with the arrival of the Jewish colony to its coasts, its lands, its color and its nature.

In Sosua, national floklore, international tourism, diving, windsurfing, skateboarding and adventure tourism are mixed.

Every year the Multicultural Gastronomic Festival is celebrated, which arises from the Municipal Unit of Community Heritage of Sosua (UMPC), which was created with the vision of highlighting the cultural diversity that exists in this municipality.