When you arrive in the city of Puerto Plata you will find many things to do but the best activity is undoubtedly the excursions.

the excursions are guided tours that take place in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, among the best excursions in Puerto Plata and the most sought after by tourists we have the following:


The Best Excursions & tours in Puerto Plata avatar

Buggy Excursions

20 Reviews
- 25%
The Best Excursions & tours in Puerto Plata avatar

27 waterfalls excursion (7 Waterfalls + Dominican Lunch)

15 Reviews

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Atv’s 4WD Excursions (Quad Bike)

15 Reviews

7 Waterfall + Zip Line

353 Reviews

Buggy + 7 Waterfall + Dominican lunch

260 Reviews

Why should you take an excursion in Puerto Plata?

An excursion is a way to tour and know some areas of Puerto Plata either by land tours or through waterfalls, we assure you that you will enjoy any activity you decide to do in Puerto Plata because our inhabitants are characterized by being very friendly and helpful people, we also have the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the most beautiful and least explored hidden rivers in the Caribbean.

Things to consider before making an excursion?

1.On most excursions you will need to be in good physical condition.

it is not always like this but in many of the excursions that are available in Puerto Plata you must be in good physical condition as for example for the excursion of the 27 waterfalls since in this activity you will have to climb mountainous and steep trails.

2.No tome bebidas alcohólicas antes de la excursión.

You should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages to the point of intoxication since most of the tours must be done with your 5 senses in order.

3.Carry some cash with you.

It is important to take some money with you as the tours will take you to places where you can buy souvenirs and other handicrafts.